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Wednesbury UK copper pipes Dubai


Copper – First Choice for Plumbing and Heating Systems

Durable – Everyone is quite aware of the fact that copper usually has a long-run life and is significantly productive and useful. Copper has the potential of being mechanically powerful and corrosion resistant that makes it withstand any kind of physical damage and decay resistant due to internal attack

LightweightLightweight and thin-wall copper tubes are evidently much comfortable in providing effective and extra-ordinary abilities of working pressure.

MalleableCopper is quite a convenient one for manipulation during the stage of manufacture as it is perfectly suitable for forging, drawing, extrusion and casting. .   It is extraordinarily befitting for installation through soldered, brazed and mechanical connections.

Hygienic – Copper possess antimicrobial tendency i.e. it has a natural ability of inhibiting the development of harmful pathogen like mould, fungi, algae and bacteria.

Recyclable – Recycling the copper waste is super effectively done at the stage of production and recoverable in all respects till the very end of building’s life.

Copper Tube manufacture at Bilston, UK

There has been a copper mill at the current site for over 70 years and Wednesbury UK copper pipes dubai (formerly known as Mueller Europe) is the only manufacturer of copper tube 100% produced in the UK. During the manufacture of copper tube there has been an extensive outcome that too specifically for heating systems and plumbing applications.

Technical Data

Quality Standards – Based on the demanding needs of BS EN1057, the manufacture of copper tubes are done in Midway star. British Standards Institution does the testing of tube thoroughly at frequent intervals of time for confirmation.  They as well have approvals for several European global and national standards like Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, Finland, China and Malaysia. We have even attained Registered Company which is a feather on our hat. Status to ISO 9001:2008. This system makes sure that every single aspect of the organizational activities never fails to address the greatest standard. Hence the customers need not think twice about purchasing as it is a product that signifies efficacy and top quality from a qualified enterprise indeed making your purchase worth it.

Mechanical Properties – Seamless copper tube to the specification EN 1057 is produced at Wednesbury’s Bilston factory and supplied in soft, half-hard and hard condition, offering a choice of mechanical properties to meet customer requirements. A softer tube provides an enhanced malleability yet the strength is very much low. The distinct kinds of characteristics are attained through a consciously controlled series of annealing and drawing cycles at the time of production. 

Environmental Standards – Wednesbury UK copper pipes dubai manufacture copper plumbing tube but they do it more efficiently. Along with huge investment of around $US100 million made in “”state of the art” energy effective facilities of production, they have significantly applied practices and systems in order to achieve waste reduction and lessen their effect on the atmosphere.  This resulted in the official authorization of the organization provided with Environmental Management Approval to ISO 14001:2004. This approval is not so easy to be found in any other manufacturer even if you go for serious hunt. 

Wednesbury Copper Tube Applications

Copper tubes are used most often in

• Hot & cold water supply
• Waste water drainage
• Water filled heating systems with radiators or convectors
• Gas service for heating and cooking
• Oil service for heating

Copper tubes are also suitable for use commercially in

• Chilled water distribution and refrigeration
• Sprinkler systems for fire protection
• Air conditioning
• Steam
• Medical gases
• Pneumatics
• Hydraulics
• Waste water

Mueller Protec and Protec 2000: plastic coated copper tube

Wednesbury has manufactured an amount of plastic-coated copper tubes to be used at the time when copper tube is about to get buried in a considerably aggressive atmosphere.  Building products like insulation materials and concrete can significantly possess chemicals that are potentially corrosive towards plain copper tube.   Thus it is essential to protect the copper tube once when it’s buried, in order to assure the longer existence of service.


Protec is the copper tube’s official brand name with ordinary polyethylene coating that has been forced out towards the outer part of copper tube. This coating is done to provide shield to copper from aggressive environments, along with that its color coded for service identification.

  • WHITE color denotes central heating
  • YELLOW OCHRE spots the gas services

Protec 2000

Protec 2000 is one popular brand name of copper tube coated with polyethylene; the inner region is castellated for providing air gaps that actually run the tube length. There are multiple applications in using Protec 2000, apart from taking the responsibility to safeguard copper tube from external corrosion, the air gaps of it create a thermal barrier in order to decrease the temperature of surface, condensation levels, transmitted noise coupled with lessening the heat loss while being buried.  The Protec 2000 is available only in white shade.

Degreased Copper Tubes

Wednesbury supply a range of copper tubes suitable for Oxygen and Medical Gas purposes.

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