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Best Water Heater Supplier in UAE

Ariston Electric Water Heater

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Ariston is the global specialist in water heating and heating products. It provides people all over the world with solutions for their comfort based on:

  • Advanced Performance
  • Everlasting Quality
  • Italian Design

Thanks to the use of the best technologies and certified efficiency, customers save on maintenance and component replacement costs, as well as enjoying considerable savings on their electricity bills. Ariston takes action on introducing new ways of bringing comfort to every corner of the world: finding where comfort has not been fully reached and innovating methods for adjusting the concept of comfort to people’s lives.

Ariston belongs to Ariston Thermo Group, a world leader in thermal comfort. Ariston is one of the most important brand of Ariston Thermo Group which this year turns 90 years. In 1930, the Group accepted the challenge of making the world a more comfortable place while focusing on the environment. Today, the Group renews its commitment by putting energy efficiency at the heart of our sustainable growth strategy. More than 40% of its investments are directed towards researching and developing solutions using energy from renewable sources.

When Ariston talks about heat, it’s not only referring to energy but also human warmth, including care for customers. This is why comfort is the prime asset of Ariston products, which help improve people’s lives with their technology and design.

For Ariston, innovation means making people’s lives easier. Ariston technologies guarantee reliable performance over time and advanced safety systems without sacrificing aesthetics, thanks to avant-garde designs. Midway Distributes the best products of  Ariston suppliers in UAE.

Ariston Solar Water Heater

ariston solar water heater

Ariston gives more homes access to advanced sustainable comfort solutions using less energy and effort, so we can all enjoy life at home and on our planet. brings comfort to everyone, even where it seems hard or impossible to find it

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Why Ariston Solar Water Heater?


Better exploitation of energy and renewable sources, enhanced performance


Hail-resistant thick glass


Made entirely in Italy


Compliant with European quality certification for solar systems

Benefits of Solar Water Heater

• Optimized heat exchanger that allows a very quick production of domestic hot water • The blue selective surface treatment forgives very high performances with the 95% absorbtion and only 5% reflection • Accurate study of the lines, and of the external shape • The new o-ring connection allows a very quick installation, even eliminating the risk to damage the hydraulic connection kit • The special tempered glass with low content iron assures very high protection against hail, and against the collector’s loading • Solar keymark certification



Natural circulation system for the production of domestic hot water. KAIROS THERMO HF, thanks to its horizontal design, minimizes visual impact like no other solar water heater because it reduces the maximum height by 30%.



Thanks to optimized water stratification, KAIROS THERMO DR-2 reduces the mixing of hot and cold water in the tank. In addition, due to optimal tank insulation, the solar water heater is able to maintain the water hot all night long.



Designed and produced in Italy with attention to shape and materials. KAIROS THERMO CF-2 can be integrated beautifully into every type of building or house.



Natural circulation indirect solar system for the production of domestic hot water.



Zenith Water Heaters are manufactured by Star Industrial products LLC. Established in UAE in 1996.

It is the foremost Solar water heater that has been produced in the region of Middle East using Glass Line Technology.  An extensive range of water heating process has been manufactured and shared to the regions of Africa, Asian Subcontinent and Middle East by the organization.

Domestic Water Heaters

  • Vertical Wall Mount
  • Horizontal Wall Mount
  • 15 & 30 Liters Prismo

Central Water Heaters & Calorifiers

  • 250 – 500 Liters
  • 750 – 10,000 Liters

Solar Water Heaters

  • Thermosyphonic Water Heater
  • Forced Circulation Water Heater

Heat Pump Residential

  • Heat Pump Residential

Heat Pump Commercial

  • Commercial Hot Water Supply

Spare Parts & Accessories

  • Domestic Water Heater
  • Central Water Heater & Calorifiers
  • Solar Water Heater
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