Integrated Pedestal Basin

We'll now move on to a new variation known as the Integrated Pedestal Basin. You may have never heard of it because it hasn't caught on yet. You won't have to choose between a wash basin and a pedestal with this wash basin because it comes in a single model. Due of its odd structure, you may have trouble installing this product. Integral washbasins that are wall-mounted and floor-mounted resemble half- and full-pedestal designs, respectively.

Half Pedestal Basin

Half pedestal basins are similar to wall-mounted basins in that they conceal plumbing, but they don't reach the floor. The most significant advantage of this technique is how much simpler it is to keep the bathroom clean. Of course, before making this decision, make sure that the wall can support the entire weight of the basin. There won't be any problems if you attach it to a brick wall, but if you put it to a stud wall, you'll need to reinforce it first.

Full Pedestal Basin

Full pedestal basins are secured to the wall and are useful for concealing piping and plumbing. A stand, or pedestal, is fixed to the floor, and the basin is fixed to the wall behind it. Full pedestal basins are very popular in family bathrooms, and they come in a variety of sizes. A full pedestal is included, which supports the coloured wash basin from below. Despite the fact that the wash basin is linked to the wall, it is supported by the pedestal.

Table Top Basin

The bottom of this wash basin is flat. As a result, it can be used on any flat surface, including a shelf, cupboard, or table. This basin cannot be installed on the wall because it lacks a bolt hole, so it must be supported by another accessory.

Countertop Self Rimming Basin

Countertop basins are frequently used in modern or minimalist bathroom designs. It's frequently positioned on top of a worktop or shelf, and it's usually combined with a tall basin tap or wall-mounted basin taps. Countertop basins are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, finishes, and designs because they are not created for a specific purpose, such as saving space or fitting into a corner.

Wall Hung Basin

When it comes to remodelling a bathroom, wall mounted basins are a terrific way to save space. Because they don't touch the floor, they give the impression of more space in your bathroom and assist to declutter it. A chrome-plated bottle trap or a matching white ceramic semi-pedestal is commonly installed behind wall-mounted basins.