Midway is the best sanitary ware suppliers in Dubai, UAE. Sanitary ware items such as wash basins, sanitary mixers and connectors are available in Dubai and all over UAE and have earned trust through on-time delivery. Many leading brands across UAE and world have trusted and authorized us as the distributor for their products in Dubai.

Sanitary Ware Suppliers In Dubai

Wash Basin

Various kinds of wash basins are available with us so that you can select depending on your need. Midway Star General Trading is the foremost supplier of sanitary ware suppliers in UAE, Dubai. The common kinds of wash basins are given below for your better notice.

Integrated pedestal basin

The integrated pedestal basins of ours are reinforced through using a shroud or pedestal connected to the bathroom floor in order to improvise the range of stability.  When it comes to small bathroom or ensuite then this one-piece model is one best of a choice, along with that it also serves well provided if you prefer going for more additions in your bathroom. We have numerous collections before the very choice of you to make your space look much more better than expected. 

Half pedestal basin

The washbasin fluently combines aesthetics with functionality to create a beautiful space. There is an attachment between the half-pedestal basin model and wall which contains half-extended pedestal for hiding the plumbing system along with other associated pipe work. This model gives the space illusion that subsequently permits you to integrate a lot to the bathroom fittings of yours.

Full pedestal basin

The fusion of seamless ceramic pieces to form an illusion associated with aesthetics. The complete pedestal basin is a kind of basin which has an attachment with the wall through an extension and it encloses the plumbing system and looks very much attractive. Seamless pieces of ceramic fused together to create an illusion of height with a dash of aesthetics. The full pedestal basin as the name suggests, is a basin attached to the wall with an extension that covers the plumbing and is visually appealing.

Table top basin

Tabletop basins are highly suitable for small spaces in bathroom and emphasizes specifically in the countertop section. Countertop basins are very much suitable in case of plank or bathroom top region. The basin highlights a tall basin tap which is easily accessible. They can be obtained in different styles and shapes.

Countertop self-rimming basin

When it comes to contemporary style bathrooms, beyond any doubt self-rimming basins are the ones which is best suitable, all thanks to its classy look with perfect finishing and seamless edges.  The design of self-rimming sink is done in a way that it stays in the upper surface of countertop.  It is located amidst the hole of countertop surface which is quite protected.

Wall hung basin

Wall-hung basins are generally chosen by everyone since it is pocket-friendly and realistic with simple to handle or maintain natured. Along with that it can be a happening addition to fill tiny spaces.  Pedestal doesn’t always follow this model and it never always prefer touching the floor.

Water Closet

We have various kinds of water closets left for your pick and you are free to choose depending on your actual need.  The general kinds of wash basin are given below:

One-Piece Water Closet

This is one among the styles in toilet where there is connectivity between the tank of toilet and bowl which makes the full toilet a ceramic unit.   These kinds of toilet have some precise benefits and that is none other than the water tank’s size which is generally tiny and the crack is absent in the middle so that cleaning will be simple. Generally one-piece toilet have toilet seat majority of the time which is never an issue.   Money must be the only drawback yet its doubtlessly worthwhile.

Two-Piece Water Closet

Possibly this is one among the most familiar kinds of toilets which keeps spreading all over the continent. Contrary to one-piece toilet, the bowl and water tank are kept separately, and furthermore there is a bigger quantity for water storage.   There are considerably several kinds of toilets which have fair durability, yet it is quite simple to replace and repair the parts in case of two-piece toilet. You should be careful about selecting the brand and that’s the one and only thing you must do!

Wall Mounted Water Closet

Here you got to witness a unique toilet types which is highly in demand. Maximum time when we talk about wall-mounted toilet, we commonly refer a bowl which is connected to the wall and remains uplifted without getting in contact with the floor. The best part of these kinds of toilet is that it looks like being tankless.

Tankless Toilet Water Closet

Hold on for a minute! How toilets work with no tank? These sorts of toilets are associated with the pipe so when the water rushes down, the tankless bowl of toilet comprises of electric pump so that the flush will be fast and powerful. Bathroom fittings dubai generally contain an extensive pipe over other kinds of toilets and as the bowl requires greater amount of water in order to make the flush clear.   The modern and updated design along with the smaller size is the sole advantage of using these kinds of toilet. At times the installation is quite complex and if in case the battery is dead, the flush won’t work in the toilet.

Smart Toilet – An Intelligent Water Closet

Presently these types of toilets are in complete trend. Define smart toilet? Ceramic toilet is designed in a special way and is connected to electronic seat cover. Seat cover has a major role to play in all smart toilet functions.  A remote is given in order to ensure parameters and functions settings.

Taps & Mixers - Clever Spain

1998 is born Clever Faucet. Starting to produce faucets was the natural evolution of the lines of business of Standard Hidráulica(valves). With this new line of faucet business, STH offers an integral solution to the consumer. The first series of Clever were the Standard and Bay faucets. Today Clever offers a wide collection of taps and accessories for kitchen and bathroom of over 3,000 references. Its exquisite designs , combined with the most advanced technology , innovation and eco-efficiency make Clever a fitting With unique personality known worldwide.

In 2000 Clever Faucet evolved and launched its first individual faucet catalog, giving it a leading role among its lines of business. With the Havana series as the main claim, Clever launches its first catalog of bathroom faucets. In 2010 Standard Hydraulics joins the Aalberts Industries NV group listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

Aalberts Industries has two main activities in and Fluid Control (products and systems for connection, distribution and regulation of Sanitary water and gas). Standard Hidráulica is part of the Aalberts Industries Domestic Fluid Control division.

WC Connectors

Define WC connector? WC connector is referred as Water Closet connectors between the pipe of waste water and backside of toilet.  Different kinds of WC Connectors are available and the vital ones among those are given below:
  • Straight WC Connector
  • Offset WC Connector
  • Bended WC Connector
  • Flexible WC Connector

Flexibles - Kottmann


Define flexible pipe? It is none other than a configurable material manufactured using many layers. Corrosion-resistant steer wires and thermoplastic barriers are found to be the major elements involved to ensure leak proof.  It’s made possible through the flexibility level in wind on to the spool of pipe either in carousel or reel to make sure that the process of installation and transportation is effective and fair.   In the present times, the annular hoses are very much opted due to these premium technical aspects or phenomenon. The categorization of stainless flexible hoses (ss flex hose) can be made into three vital kinds of pitch assuring their desirable advantages such as Closed (Compressed), standard and wide.

The Kottmann brand – what’s behind it

The MHK Systems GmbH is an average-sized global organization belongs to the sanitary industry. This is established in the year 2017 like an activity of assembly for sanitary materials, the Kottmann brand’s licensing rights have been obtained by MHK along with the machine park for making shower hose through Kottmann Technology GmbH during the year 2019. The advancement of the brand will be additionally and effectively supported when the staffs of the sanitary sector are carefully selected and this as well helps to maintain the Made in Germany seal in terms of quality.

By supplying all the mentioned sanitary ware items of top brands, Midway is the No. 1 sanitary ware suppliers in Dubai, UAE. For enquiries and delivery, contact us at sales@midway-star.com