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Cosmoplast high pressure pipes and fittings satisfy the increasing demand for American and European standard pipes and fittings for Plumbing applications that demand high operating pressure, high levels of toughness, chemical and resistance along with cost effective installations.

Cosmoplast High Pressure uPVC pipes and fittings are widely used in:

  • Distribution of cold water under pressure.
  • Air conditioning Drain Systems.
  • Piping networks for swimming pools facilities & rainwater utilization.
  • Cold fluids circulation in industries.
  • Transport of chemicals and corrosive fluids in industries.

With a wide range of uPVC drainage pipes and fittings covering a size range from 32mm up to 1000mm, Cosmoplast offer complete solution for our customer’s piping needs. Our range of uPVC systems offers comprehensive solutions required to complete any domestic or industrial drainage system. Cosmoplast drainage pipes and fittings are manufactured with both solvent welding sockets and rubber ring (Push Fit) sockets, which satisfies the various requirements of projects, designers and installers.

Piping & Plumbing Fitting Dubai


All our uPVC drainage pipes & fittings are manufactured and tested in accordance with the new British – European standards and awarded with BS Quality Kite Mark.

With over 40 years of experience, Cosmoplast is a leading plastics manufacturer that incorporates its values of service and reliability with quality products. Founded in 1970, Cosmoplast pioneered the supply of building materials, infrastructure products and consumer goods in the emerging markets of the Middle East.

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Hepworth is the Middle East’s premier manufacturer and supplier of high quality plastic piping systems for the distribution and transmission of water, waste water. Hepworth manufactures and markets integrated piping systems to the civil and building construction sectors. This business was established over 40 years ago in Dubai and now manufactures pipes and fittings on three locations in the UAE and one location in Qatar and another one in Oman. In addition, it trades through operating companies in Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and exports throughout the MENA region.

UPVC Pressure Pipes & Fitting Systems

Hepworth’s uPVC is Market leading system with Kitemark approval. uPVC is highly suitable for both interior and exterior applications as well as for buried pipelines. uPVC is light and clean to handle and can be easily jointed.

Hepworth Corys Watermain Pipes are exclusively available in full range of nominal diameters from ⅜” for household supply pipe to nominal diameters 24” truck main. ½ inch to 12 inch is available in stock with Kitemark Certification.

The PVC Watermain is also available in metric sizes from 20mm to 400mm and complies with DIN 8062, EN 1452-1 and ISO 161-1.

UPVC Non Pressure Soil And Waste Systems

Soil and waste systems provide an efficient means of drainage of waste water and foul discharge in both single and multistorey buildings. The push-fit joints allow for pipe expansion and incorporate a patented purpose designed sealing method.

The systems are manufactured in sizes from 32mm to 315mm in light grey uPVC. The range includes traps, push-fit waste systems, solvent weld systems, push-fit overflow systems, soil and vent systems, solvent weld overflow systems and a full range of floor gullies.

UPVC Underground Drainage Systems

Sewer drain pipes are a proven part of modern building and civil engineering for sewerage and drainage application. The sewer drain system is manufactured in sizes from 110mm to 630mm with a single wall thickness to diameter ration of SDR41.

Pipes can be supplied with either plain, solvent weld or integral push-fit joints. The range is manufactured according to BSEN1401 Standard with kitemark certification.


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