Non-Pressure uPVC Fittings

In both single and multistory structures, soil and waste systems provide an efficient means of waste water and foul discharge drainage. The push-fit joints have a patented purpose-designed sealing technique and allow for pipe expansion. The systems are made of light grey uPVC and come in diameters ranging from 32mm to 315mm. Traps, push-fit waste systems, solvent weld systems, push-fit overflow systems, soil and vent systems, solvent weld overflow systems, and a complete line of floor gullies are among the products available.

Drainage uPVC Pipes

Drainfit Pipes are significantly lighter and less expensive than traditional PVC/concrete pipes. The pipes come in a variety of stiffness classifications, as shown in the chart below. The pipes come in lengths of 3m and 6m. Separate couplers with a unique rubber ring design are available in diameters up to 250mm, making the system completely waterproof. A 315mm solvent weld style coupler is available.

Drainage uPVC Fittings

Drainage pipes and fittings made of uPVC in sizes ranging from 32mm to 1000mm. All of the components needed to complete any domestic or industrial drainage system are included in our uPVC systems. Cosmoplast drainage pipes and fittings are available with both solvent welding and rubber ring (Push Fit) sockets, allowing project designers, installers, and contractors to satisfy their needs.

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