Midway Star General Trading is the leading and authorized calorifier suppliers in UAE. We have trading calorifer across UAE and have earned trust through on-time delivery and high quality calorifiers. Many leading brands across UAE and world have authorized as the distributor for their products in UAE.

Before you buy calorifier, you should understand clearly its purpose, usage and benefits. So below, we have clearly explained in detail about it.

Calorifier Suppliers In UAE

What is Calorifier?

A calorifier can be referred as an indirect-fire water heater which is used for providing hot water in hot water and heating system. Indirect fired denotes the meaning that the burner will be absent in water heater.  It’s nothing but a storage water cylinder with single or multiple heat exchanger coils containing hot fluids (solar fluid or water). Since it’s not possible to generate heat by indirect fired water heater on its own as there is no burner, calorifier suppliers in uae  naturally depends on the source of external heat; take for instance, solar collectors or boiler. These tend to warm the liquid more in case of heat exchange coil that subsequently gets the water heated up present in the vessel. A calorifier can be simply called as a heat exchanger that indirectly heats up water through circulating it in multiple coils or heat coil. It can be either steam or water as the source of heat, which is heated through an external heat source inside of a pipe, submerged in water. In that it is observed that both water bodies and steam never blend (touch one another). 

In factories and hospitals where steam already got produced for other purposes can as well be applied for water heating via indirect method. One of the top Brands like Espar suppling calorifier suppliers in UAE.

Working Process of Calorifier in UAE

In case of vertical hot water cylinder, the steam easily gets inside the coil using top connection.  The grit trap or strainer eliminates any kind of solid matter ejected through steam. After that the steam passes by the inlet value that is under thermostatical control. Boiling and overheating of stored water is crucially prevented through the help of thermostat.   A steam trap which is fixed by the side of coil’s outlet helps in preventing the steam so that it never leaves the coil until the condensation occurs. 

In case of hot water cylinder containing steam coil; the coil should be in a position of getting removed so that descaling can happen.  This has more possibilities of happening with the help of steam due to the fact that coil works at high temperature compared to the conventional hot water system.

Midway Star General Trading offer the construction and design of custom hot water cylinder (like storage tanks) coupled with calorifier at highly desirable and demanded sizes of KW.   Both commercial applications as well as domestic applications are included in our service and we make sure that we serve the best purpose.  Heat sources like Gas, Solar, steam or heat pumps can be employed in terms of water applications.

One of the top Brands like Espar suppling calorifier suppliers in UAE.

Benefits of Calorifier

  • Bespoke Calorifier tank solution is best suitable for Unvented and vented installations.
  • The manufacture is done from Copper which significantly improves the process of heat recovery
  • Higher Anti-bacterial and non-corrosive nature of killing bacteria like Ecoli and Legionella
  • Every unit can be produced or manufactured in a way that is suitable for renewable energy like Heat pumps or solar pumps.
  •  The manufacture of all commercial water heaters along with tanks are done to S853