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Heat transfer solutions that will help you break barriers.

Heat pumps are classified according to their source of energy:
• Water-to-water heat pumps use wells, lakes or rivers as energy source.
• Brine-to-water heat pumps use the ground (bedrock).
• Air-to-water and air-to-air heat pumps use the outside air.

Basics about heat pumps

Heat pumps are highly efficient, electrically driven systems used
primarily to heat residential or commercial areas. In reversible
operation, they are also used for cooling. Heat is produced during
a condensation process in the refrigeration cycle and is transferred
to either air or water. (The opposite applies to cooling.)

Three innovations that break barriers

In evaporator duties, BHEs can be optimized by varying the channel plate characteristics and also by adding a distribution system. The distribution system ensures a uniform distribution of the refrigerant throughout the heat exchanger. This assures high performance and stable superheating under variable conditions. Though designed to operate with typical heat fluxes, Alfa Laval’s distribution systems can be adapted to higher and lower heat-flux conditions as well. Midway Star is the best Alfa Laval heat pump supplier in Heating technology.
Alfa Laval offers a range of BHEs optimized as condensers. They feature specially designed channel plates combining different corrugation angles, pressing depths and asymmetric channels. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of heat-pump duties – from water heaters and micro heat pumps to residential and commercial systems.
The small footprint and versatile configurations of Alfa Laval’s brazed heat exchangers make them easy to optimize for economizer duties. 

Midway Star is the leading Alfa Laval Heat pumps provider in the UAE, with a diverse range of products to fit any application. To know more brands contact us.